2850 Moisture Analyzer

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Product Overview

Establishing a new standard for clean gas moisture analyzers, the 2850 provides exceptional performance, with virtually no interferences, multi-gas compatibility, and on-board measurement verification.

The 2850 uses the most accurate trace moisture measurement technology available to deliver an ultrafast response to both increasing and decreasing moisture levels.

Providing stable, reliable performance over a long period of time, the quartz crystal-based technology makes it easy to accurately measure the moisture concentration with minimal maintenance requirements.

Typically used in gas production and quality assurance, and in cryogenic air separation units, the 2850 is ideal for the industrial gas, LCD/OLED display manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

The 2850 reaches 63% of a steady state reading in less than five minutes, making it far faster than other moisture analyzers in its measurement range. By using non-equilibrium measurement techniques, it provides this speed drying-down, as well as wetting-up.

Providing ±5% accuracy from 1 to 100 parts per million by volume (ppmv), the 2850 also indicates to 1000 ppmv, making it exceptionally valuable as a sensitive trend indicator. Two analog inputs are customer-configurable to cover any portion of the operating range.

An internal, NIST-traceable moisture generator adds a known amount of moisture to conditioned sample gas to verify correct operation. An alarm contact is provided if the analyzer fails verification. The process may begin on a programmed schedule or on manual demand.

The 2850 is an ultrafast moisture analyzer for a wide range of applications


  • Highly accurate trace moisture measurements
  • Rapid response to changing moisture levels
  • Specific to moisture in most applications
  • On-board measurement verification