5910 UHP Moisture Analyzer

Ametek Process Instruments

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Product Overview

Using quartz crystal technology for speed, accuracy and calibration stability, the 5910 moisture analyzer is designed for ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas analysis in continuous monitoring and analytical cart applications.

Delivering exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity to sub-parts-per-billion-by volume (ppbv) changes in moisture concentration, it provides one of the fastest response speeds available.

The 5910 is sensitive to changes in moisture concentration of less than 500 parts per trillion by volume (pptv), resulting in an accuracy of better than ±100 pptv, or ±10% of the reading.

Designed for continuous monitoring of UHP gases or installation in analytical carts, the 5910 is ideal for the LCD/OLED display manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

Carefully designed and heat-traced, the 5910 achieves an unmatched response speed of minutes rather than hours for changing ppbv moisture levels. It typically reaches 80% of a 25 ppbv step change in either direction in under ten minutes.

The 5910 sensor is unaffected by background gas; even hydrogen and oxygen streams are simple to monitor since QCM sensors do not suffer from recombination errors. Changing gases is simply accomplished using a software menu. There are no flow or pressure regulators to adjust.

The 5910 is able to quickly and accurately verify its zero baseline. An internal dryer creates a zero gas from the sample gas, thereby allowing verification of the analyzer’s baseline.

The 5910 is the stable, sensitive analyzer for ultra-high-purity gas applications 


  • Accurate, fast, stable sensing technology
  • Online zero gas verification system
  • Rack-mount design for analytical carts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-operate user interface