5920 UHP Moisture Analyzer

Ametek Process Instruments

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Product Overview

The 5920 is an easy-to-use process moisture analyzer offering a wide range of performance features for low parts-per-billion level gas analysis in critical moisture measurement applications.

It provides an extensive range of performance features including multi-gas compatibility, exceptional accuracy, online verification system, fast speed of response, and wide measurement range.

Designed to rapidly build and maintain operator confidence in its analyses, the 5920 uses sensitive, highly accurate quartz crystal sensing technology combined with an easy-to-use operator interface.

Suitable for continuous emissions monitoring systems, spot monitoring and high purity gas production, the 5920 is ideal for use in the industrial gas, LCD/OLED display manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

The 5920 is compatible with virtually all bulk, ultra-high-purity gases, including inerts such as helium, argon, neon, xenon, krypton and nitrogen, plus hydrogen and oxygen. A single, simple menu selection allows the analyzer to be reconfigured for a new gas type.

Perfect for moisture applications that require stable and accurate results, the 5920 delivers an accuracy of ±1 part per billion by volume (ppbv), or ±10% of reading. This performance level is assured by an on-line verification system.

The 5920 accurately measures across a recommended operating range from 1 to 150 ppbv. It also provides trend indication up to 1000 ppbv, allowing the nature of a process upset to be captured.

The 5920 moisture analyzer is our solution for low ppb gas analysis 


  • Offers accuracy, speed and calibration stability
  • Online zero gas verification system
  • Menu-driven gas selection – no manual adjustments
  • Menu-driven gas selection – no manual adjustments