5000 Process Moisture Analyzer

Ametek Process Instruments

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Product Overview

The versatile 5000 is a highly sensitive moisture analyzer for a wide range of process applications where the continuous, reliable measurement of moisture in vapors and gases is required.

It provides a fast, reliable measurement with few interferences and no requirement for process temperature or pressure compensation. The unique differential measurement principle, combined with continuous diagnostics, ensures reliable performance in critical moisture applications.

The 5000 monitors the vibrational frequency change of a hygroscopically sensitized quartz crystal that is exposed alternately to wet sample and dry reference gas for 30-second periods, providing an on-line moisture measurement.

Resistant to the process stream damage that affects many moisture analyzers, the 5000 is intended for applications including catalytic reforming, moisture in olefins and moisture in natural gas, and is ideal for the hydrocarbon processing and natural gas industries.

Designed for use in industrial areas, the controller can be separated from the field unit by up to 600 m (2000 ft). It has an informative, full-text display and intuitive user interface, and three separate security levels.

Certified to comply with numerous international standards, the explosion-proof field unit contains a sample cell, switching valves and associated electronics mounted internally. Externally, it has a flowmeter, flow control valves and back pressure regulator.

The 5000 is supplied with reference gas by an external dryer, which uses a molecular sieve to remove virtually all the moisture from the sample gas, providing a dry reference gas which is key to the differential measurement principle.

The 5000 is the fast, reliable parts-per-million-by-volume moisture measurement solution


  • Few interferences
  • Wide-range moisture measurement
  • Rapid response
  • Internal process gas verification